About The Project

Our client was relocating to a condo and desired an interior that reflected her refined tastes and lifestyle. The condo was completely gutted and modernized. A new custom kitchen was designed using the client’s inspiration, a photo of an antique bespoke door style. Unable to find this style on the market our project craftsmen custom-built each front to match our client’s specifications. Complimentary decorative elements were added, such as turned posts, crown mouldings and bevelled baseboard trim. A cheerful buttercream lacquer was selected for the cabinets accented by oil rubbed bronze hardware. Every element of this one-of-a-kind design was uniquely tailored to our client. The end result was an exquisite example of a timeless bespoke kitchen.

KSGM Architects & Engineer (now FormStudio Architects Inc.)

Electrical Engineering
AG Engineering (Thunder Bay) Inc.

General Contractor & Custom Cabinetry
Louis Pradal & Sons Ltd.

Alan Dickson Photography